01 June 2019 - 29 September 2019

Atelier Interior Design, 7 Wellington Place, Belfast

‘Landscapes II’ is a new art collection curated by art consultant Francesca Biondi for Atelier Interior Design’s first-class showroom. It presents a compelling selection of art pieces inspired by local and distant lands created by three award-winning artists based in Northern Ireland. It features Wendy Ferguson’s atmospheric rural scenery of County Fermanagh, Lisa Ballard’s evocative visual recollections of Irish and American landscapes and Anushiya Sundaralingam’s fascinating bamboo forests. Viewers visiting this collection can look at and discover how contemporary artists continue to explore landscapes as a source of inspiration to produce their original works.

Wendy Ferguson’s paintings are redolent of her sense of place in County Fermanagh, where she grew up and she feels deeply rooted. They capture dramatic changes in the land, the weather and the seasons, as well as the artist’s emotional and intuitive responses to them.

Lisa Ballard records in visual form the landscapes she encounters during her travels. Often leaning towards abstraction, she looks beyond the landscape itself depicting powerful images that reflect the temporal and fleeting nature of her experience in that place.

Anushiya Sundaralingam crates prints and objects often employing materials and visual motifs which recall the bamboo forests of her home country Sri Lanka in order to explore how natural and cultural environments can shape our sense of self, of belonging and ultimately our identity.

The variety of the pieces on display reveals how these artists although sharing landscapes as a common source of inspiration, have developed their work using their own distinctive themes and subjects, and ultimately it highlights their originality and talent.

Image: Lisa Ballard, Shadows on Green and Pink, 2019