Gallery 545 - Update during Covid-19

We would like to give you an update to let you know that we are continuing to operate under these difficult circumstances to support artists and connect them with art lovers.

A worsening of the situation caused by Covid-19 in Northern Ireland has led to the temporary unavailability of services delivered at our office.

Website and deliveries: Our website is still open, and we are still processing orders, even if at times deliveries outside Northern Ireland could be slightly delayed. The situation with deliveries to UK, Europe and worldwide is fluid, and we will continue to provide updates about it.

Deliveries to Northern Ireland: operating as normal.

Deliveries to United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, rest of Europe and worldwide: possible delays. Delays can happen as it might take longer to collect artworks from artists as they often have limited access to their studios or because couriers can experience difficulties with deliveries. All our deliveries are tracked, and we will keep you informed about possible delays. If the artwork you bought cannot be delivered to you for any reason, we will offer you a full refund, including shipping costs. As deliveries could be more difficult, we understand that also a return could be delayed, all we ask is for you to contact us within 14 days and we will work with you to organise it.

Collection of artworks – Artworks can be delivered, but from 26 December they cannot be collected from our office. Collections will resume in about six weeks in February.

Art advisory and customer services – We are still able to offer art advisory and customer services. These are only via video / phone calls from 26 December for six weeks, but we will be able to meet our customers in person again afterwards in February.

Social media: follow us. We are continuing to showcase artists and artworks and give you the latest news on Instagram and Facebook.

Contact us if you have any questions about our services. You can email, call 07960 130414 or DM us.

We wish you all the best. Stay safe.


Francesca Biondi