Ashley B. Holmes

Ashley Holmes, Day 398, painting, 25 x 20 x 4 cm

Year: 2019

Medium(s): acrylic paint and acrylic skins on panel


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Artist - Selected Recognitions

  • Art works in public and corporate collections (including at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast and Bank of Ireland, Dublin)
  • Exhibited at the Royal Ulster Academy Annual Exhibition in Belfast
  • Exhibited internationally in China and USA.

Further information

‘After my mother died in 2018, I began a series of paintings of a single image and its mirror image.  The image is a landscape with a pond that my grandfather dug out of a swamp near Boston.  My mother grew up on that land and her ashes are scattered there.  I have painted this image over and over to record my process of grieving.  Each painting reflects a different mood with colour and rendering over the course of the year and a half since her death.  I wish to understand the way grief can alter how the world appears.  The painter Rembrandt lost the people he loved most, and in a series of self-portraits painted nearly over half a century, he allowed the viewer to see how grief altered his features. Taking inspiration from his works, I am allowing the viewer to see how the grief colours the world through my eyes.  To my surprise it has not been a dull colourless expression but an intense life-affirming assertion.’ Ashely Holmes

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