Gillian Morrow

Gillian Morrow, YES II, porcelain sculpture, 46 x 36 x 33 cm

Year: 2020

Medium(s) partially glazed porcelain, barbed wire and gold leaf

Sixe: 46 wide x 36 high x 33 deep cm


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Further information

Gillian Morrow has been drawn to strong female figures, sometimes using body art as a narrative to reflect topical politics or an area that she feels strongly about.

‘This is the third sister in a series of sculptures, YES, NO and YES II, reflecting women’s changing position in Ireland north and south. YES II marks the change in laws in early 2020 regarding same sex marriages and abortion rights in Northern Ireland. Her caged heart has been opened, setting free the swallow and dove, and the barbed wire that has bound her has finally been cut.’ Gillian Morrow

Work exhibited as part of Gallery 545 Group Exhibition: Contemporary Art of Northern Ireland'5 November – 5 December 2021, at Gallery 545 in Belfast & online.