Rachel Lawell

Rachel Lawell, Thumper, painting, 100 x 130 cm

Year: 2020

Medium(s): oil on canvas


Shipping - 7 - 10 days from Northern Ireland, UK

Return - This work is eligible for return

Artist - Selected Recognitions

  • Selected to exhibit at the forthcoming Royal Ulster Academy’s annual exhibition
  • Emerging artist who has exhibited in several galleries in N. Ireland
  • Works in several private collections

Further information

Lawell’s latest series of paintings has been particularly inspired by the female icons of the James Bond films of the 1960s-70s, or the ‘Bond Girls’ played by beautiful actresses Ursula Andress, Claudine Auger and Trina Parks. The portrayal of these female characters reflects and reveals misogynistic, sexist and racist undertones for which the Bond films are notorious. Lawell rejects this representation, and confident, strong white and black women become the protagonists of her paintings. 

Thumper has been inspired by 1971 James Bond film.  Birds often recur in Lawell’s work as a symbol of the voyeuristic act of looking pleasurably upon the female, so prominent in Hollywood cinema. Here Thumper (Trina Parks) challenges this act as she is the one looking upon the looker.