Rosie McGurran

Rosie McGurran, Egg Field of Dreams, work on paper, 23 x 23 cm (40 x 40 x 3 cm framed)

Year: 2020

Medium(s): watercolour, gouache on Fabriano paper 

Frame: white wooden frame



Shipping - 7 - 10 days from Northern Ireland, UK

Return - This work is eligible for return

Artist - Selected Recognitions

  • Member of the Royal Ulster Academy
  • Award-winning artist (incl. the Conor Prize, RUA)
  • Extensively exhibited nationally and internationally

Further information

Here Rosie McGurran offers a commentary on this powerful female figure: 'The central female figure stands in a super-hero pose like Batman or Superman, legs astride, fearless. At first a sweet figure, she wears the horns of a goat or some mysterious animal, these are decorated with ropes, an umbilical symbol, and they lead to an unknown source. Behind her a house spills water, symbols of home and life and women roles to provide comfort and life. On the other side and open Scolds Bridle, a medieval torture device which was put on the heads of women who 'talked' too much, the door is open and the bridle lies discarded. This girl/woman stands amidst a field of eggs full of promise of re-birth, their fragile shells are safe, they represent not children but ideas and opportunities to this figure in an age of choice.'