Aimee Melaugh

Aimee Melaugh, Substanceless Blue, painting, 30 x 35 x 3.8 cm (33.5 x 38.5 x 5.5 cm framed)

Year: 2021

Mediums(s): oil on canvas 

Frame: black wooden tray frame 


Shipping - 7 - 10 days from Northern Ireland, UK

Return - This work is eligible for return

Artist - Selected Recognitions

  • Award-winning artist, including Royal Ulster Academy Award
  • Works in public collections, including those of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and University of Ulster, Belfast

Further information

Aimee Melaugh’s paintings explore ideas surrounding false personas through reflecting on the relationship between true identity and deceiving appearances.  

Substanceless Blue explores ideas surrounding suppressed individuality, identity and isolation. The distorted mask wearer suggests hidden messages surrounding the dehumanisation of society and the transformation of oneself. Mask wearers may be freeing themselves of the requirements of their life by shedding the person that they have been and becoming someone else.’ Aimee Melaugh