Gallery 545 - Update during Covid-19

We would like to give you an update to let you know that we are continuing to operate under these difficult circumstances to support artists and connect them with art lovers. Our website is still open and we are still delivering locally and to other countries. Yet, a worsening of the situation caused by Covid-19 both in Northern Ireland has led to the temporary unavailability of collections and art advisory services at our of office.

Thank you and best wishes from Gallery 545

Gallery 545 would like to give you a heartfelt thank you for your interest in the gallery and appreciation of our work throughout this year. Now that 2020 is coming to an end, we would like to wish you a lovely and relaxing festive season, and may 2021 be a year of hope and happiness for all.

Focus on Latisha Reihill - Interview

Curator Francesca Biondi interviews Latisha Reihill about her artistic practice and her solo show ‘Ways of Seeing’ at Gallery 545. Read more about this award-winning emerging artist, her passion for abstract art and her beautiful textured abstract paintings.





Autumn Plans Revealed!

Autumn is approaching and Gallery 545 has new exciting initiatives lined up for this season. We have moved to a beautiful historical building in South Belfast and we can now offer you here private viewings of artworks and visits to exhibitions. Our first show will feature new stunning abstract paintings by Latisha Reihill, and it is coming up really soon. Last but not least, we would like to hear from you all art lovers about your experience of visiting our website and to thank you for your time we are offering you a 10% discount. Read more about our projects in this blog.

Focus on Anushiya Sundaralingam - Interview

Curator Francesca Biondi interviews Anushiya Sundaralingam about her work and her online solo exhibition ‘Iyarkai’ (Nature). Find out more about this award-winning mixed media artist in this blog, where you can read about the incredible variety of works she can create, and the sources of inspirations she draws upon.





Focus on Karl Hagan - Interview

Curator Francesca Biondi interviews Karl Hagan about his work and his solo online exhibition ‘Detonation’. Find out more about this artist on the rise in this blog, where he talks about the themes, thoughts, ideas and artistic processes behind his captivating paintings.

Gallery 545 Goes 100% Digital

Gallery 545 is making the most of its digital platforms to respond to the negative impact of Covid-19 on the art world. As galleries, art fairs, arts venues, shops and studios are closed, online platforms have become a fundamental means to showcase art. We are therefore using our e-commerce website, blogs and social media to show online exhibitions, present additional selections of art works, introduce more artists and bring you news about art. In this way, we can continue to serve our customers, support artists and connect them to art lovers. Read more in our blog.

Hot Art Trends

Gallery 545 has checked the latest art trends to keep you updated about what is hot in the art world. Figurative art has been a large trend in the 2010s, with particular attention given to female figures, the body and nature, but abstract art could be the dominant trend of this decade. Bold, intricate artworks are becoming more and more popular, but those with simpler composition and subdued colours are still very much sought after. Read more about these and other trends, and our popular artworks in our blog…and get inspired!


Top Tips for Buying Art

We’re here to give everyone our top tips, so that you can purchase the perfect piece for you, and you can make an informed purchase too! When it comes to buying art, we recommend you to take the time to keep many important factors at the forefront of your mind – your personal taste, space, décor, budget, and information about the artist and the artwork…but then let your heart guide your decision too! Read more about our top tips in our blog.

Looking Back at 2019. What a Year!

With a new year comes new beginnings… and what a whirlwind year 2019 was for Gallery 545! As we enter the closing days of 2019, we seek to look back and review what an incredible year it has been for Gallery 545. We put a succinct focus on developing Gallery 545 as a brand while continuing to work with artists and organisations the gallery collaborated in the past. Across the board, we celebrate a successful year. Read more about our journey in 2019 in this blog.

New Artists at Gallery 545

This Autumn, Gallery 545 has been delighted and privileged to start working with several accomplished artists based in Northern Ireland. We welcomed to the gallery recent graduates Karl Hagan, Rachel Lawell, Aimee Melaugh and Latisha Reihill, mid-career artists Ronan Bowes and Natalia Black, and well renowned artists Rosie McGurran, Noel Murphy and Jennifer Trouton. This blog will act as a short introduction to them all, and you will be able to read more information about them and view their artworks in their dedicated pages online.

Gallery 545's Has a Brand New Website!

We have developed a new website to create a virtual art hub showcasing accomplished artists based in Northern Ireland and connecting them to art lovers and art collectors from here and beyond.