Hot Art Trends

Image: Ronan Bowes, Ruptures in Meaning, 2019

Gallery 545 has checked the latest art trends first-hand at major art fairs in UK and Ireland and in publications by leading online galleries Artsy and Saatchi to keep you updated about what is hot in the art world. We’ll be referencing the works of our artists so that you can be inspired and easily find popular styles and subjects in our collections - from Ballard to Sundaralingam!

Figurative Art: the body, nature and beyond - Figurative art has been a large trend in the 2010s with many artists giving particular attention to figures and the body, especially females, nature-inspired art being popular and cityscapes and landscapes recurring in other works.  Many artists at Gallery 545 produce original figurative artworks, among them are Noel Murphy’s superb portraits, Trina Hobsons scenes with intriguing characters, Anushiya Sundaralingam’s bamboos and leaves pieces and Dan Ferguson’s urban spaces and their stories. Several others feature landscapes, including Charlie Scott’s evocative rural scenery, Ashley Holmes’ psychological landscapes and Jennifer Trouton’s mixed media pieces exploring the historical significance of the land in Ireland.

Anushiya Sundaralingam, Eilakal 3, 2019 (detail)

Women – Women have always been a favoured subject in art, traditionally seen as beautiful passive object to be looked at, new representations capture instead their personality, stories and emotions. Some incredible examples lie in Rosie McGurran’s mysterious women with a strong presence, Rachel Lawell’s fascinating self-absorbed female figures and Craig Donald’s charismatic female icons.

Rosie McGurran, Egg Field of Dreams, 2020

Abstract Art – Abstract art could become the dominant trend of this decade with artists looking for inspiration in the leaders of modern and contemporary abstraction and using an intuitive process to create their own unique works. Artists represented by Gallery 545 explore and innovate this tradition, Alacoque Davey and Grace McMurray in their geometrical abstract pieces, Ronan Bowes and Latisha Reihill in their bold gestural paintings, Natalia Black in her painterly digital prints, and Kevin Miller in his innovative abstract objects. A full spectacle for the senses at Gallery 545!

Kevin Miller, Donning, 2017

Between abstraction and representation – Artists continue to be influenced by both the abstract and figurative tradition, moving from one to the other, or merging them together. Lisa Ballard and Wendy Ferguson draw inspiration from landscapes to depict natural scenery or semi-abstract or abstract works evoking the colours and shapes of the land. Karl Hagan and Aimee Melaugh’s paintings often created in response to war conflicts, also hover between the two traditions.

Lisa Ballard, Anza-Borrego Mountains, 2019

Maximalism and timeless B & W - One of 2019’s biggest trends featured striking artworks with intricate patterns, bold colours and even metallic finishes. Yet, delicate pieces with simpler composition and subdued hues are still very much sought after, and those in black and white have proved to be timeless. Whatever your preferences are, you can find a wide variety of artworks at Gallery 545 to choose from.

Get inspired - We hope these latest art trends have inspired you.  If you wish to get more inspiration, browse our collections to look at popular subjects, styles and colours using filters so that you can find what you are looking for without a worry. Or you can contact us to pick our brains!